Which of the following is true? The Lord has made every nation a country

When a Christian asks himself the question, “What is the truth?” he will answer: “The Lord has given every nation every nation, every city a land, every sea, every river, every high place a name;”(2 Thessalonians 5:9-10).

This scripture is a simple description of the way God has given us all nations, cities, land, and water.

“And the Lord said unto me, Let it be unto thee, as I have given it to thee, and have called thee to the ministry, that thou shalt bring it forth into thine inheritance;” (2 Thes.


This is why we are called nations, for we are to be nations.

We are not to be divided.

The Bible states that all nations are God’s children, as Isaiah said, “Behold, the Lord is their God, and their God is Israel, and the Lord hath delivered them from the hand of the Assyrian king.”

(Isaiah 53:8-9).

This passage from Isaiah tells us that Israel and Assyria were not divided.

They were all Israelites.

God gave them dominion over the nations, but he also gave them a land where they could worship God and have all the blessings of God.

Israel was to be a free people, but this freedom was not to mean that they could become gods.

God also gave us dominion over water, so we can worship God in all our ways, in every way, in the land of Israel.

As a result, they are called “waters of Israel,” because they are all one nation.

When the Lord gave Israel the land, He did not give them dominion in every sense of the word.

Israel did not become a god; they did not have godhood.

The Lord gave them all dominion in a way that was not a godly act.

Israel became the “waters” of God, as Psalm 33:12 says, “For He hath said, Behold, I will be thy fountain.”

The land is Israel’s home, and its home is the LORD, the Creator of Israel, the one who has given them dominion.

Isaiah tells the story of Jacob and his brothers when they became the first people to become a nation.

Jacob, his brother Reuben, and his wife Sarah became the people of Israel when the LORD gave them their land.

The LORD gave Jacob his land, which was called Canaan.

As God gave the land to Jacob, the LORD also gave Jacob the “water” which is the land which the LORD has given to Israel.

The Israelites had dominion over all the waters of the world, the “tribes” and the “people.”

God gave Israel dominion over waters, but He also gave Israel all the “children of God” and all the nations.

The God who gave the “gift of the Spirit” to Jacob is called “the Lord God” (Psalm 51:7), and we are all the children of God (1 John 3:8).

“The waters which are of the Lord are of Jacob, and he hath given them over to them, to be their inheritance; and the waters which have not God shall not be polluted; and they shall be called the waters that are of Abraham” (Hebrews 9:24).

When Jacob became the father of the people, he gave them his own land and his own city, which is called Jerusalem.

Jacob also gave to Abraham the promise that he and his descendants would inherit the land and the city and that their descendants would be called Abraham’s descendants.

God said, You shall be my heirs; you shall be Abraham’s sons and daughters; and I will make a covenant with you, says the LORD; I will bring you out of the land where you are, and give you land to go into.

Abraham became the LORD’s heir and a descendant of Jacob.

We also have the promise of our redemption.

God promises that all his people will be saved, and Abraham is the only one who will be able to do so.

Abraham gave his “gifts of the spirit” to his descendants, saying, I have seen Abraham before him, and I have heard him saying, You are my people, and my inheritance; I have known you before; I know your ways; you have followed me; and you will be my people forever and ever.

God promised Abraham’s seed, Abraham’s children and their children, that they would be his descendants forever and to “all eternity.”

We can know this promise by observing Abraham’s people, Abraham and his children.

Abraham had seven sons and four daughters, and they had seven husbands and four wives.

When Abraham was old enough to have children, he put them to death.

God saved his life, not only because he loved Abraham, but because Abraham gave Abraham his “waters.”

Abraham had a wife named Sarah, whom he married when she was twenty-seven years old.