When the US military decided to make the cannon fodder song more political, the song was born

The US military is planning to replace the cannon-fodder-themed “Political Garbage Song” with a song about the current political climate.

The song is set to be the official song of the US Army Reserve.

The reserve, a group of soldiers, is a relatively small group of about 40,000 men.

The Army has traditionally focused its music and song lyrics on political themes and social issues, such as the Vietnam War.

The songs are often used to motivate troops to fight in the war or promote political causes.

But the Army recently decided to replace cannon fodder songs with political songs and has announced the change.

The decision was first reported by The New York Times on Monday.

The music will be replaced by a new political song that will address current political issues.

The new song will be released at the start of the new fiscal year.

The US Army has not yet announced when the new song is to be released, but it will likely be in late October or early November.

The change will also be implemented across all the Army Reserve’s units, including all reserve brigades, all active duty units, and all reserves and reserves active duty.

The political songs that were originally meant to be political are expected to be replaced with songs about social issues.