When does the ‘bitter end’ come?

It’s the end of an era.

And it’s a good one, for a start.

It’s time for Irish music to move on. 

It started on December 14, 1971, when the band The Stranglers and their label The Big Boss of The Irish released their debut single, ‘Bitter End’.

The single was the first to feature an Irish vocalist, and it was the start of a series of hits that would shape the future of the country’s music industry. 

The Strangler’s lead singer Brian O’Brien (left) and guitarist John O’Hara (right) with Buddy Holly and Paul Butterfield in 1967 Source: PA Archive/Press Association ImagesBrian O’Briens debut single ‘Bilbo’ (from 1971)Source: Getty Images Brian O ‘B’ (the first Irish song to be covered by a major pop star) and John O ‘A’ (The Strangers first song to feature a female vocalist) Source : Getty ImagesSource: BBC/YouTubeBrian O ‘I’m gonna’ (from the first song) and B’B’ Source – BBC/WikipediaIn addition to their singles, the Strangulators also recorded four albums and toured widely.

Their debut album, The Strangers’ first album, is considered one of the greatest albums ever made.

It sold over 30 million copies worldwide and was nominated for three Grammy Awards. 

In terms of popularity, TheStrangers’ popularity has remained relatively static for the last 25 years. 

Today, they are more well-known for their hits ‘Binny’, ‘Rope’, ‘Boom Boom’, ‘Big Boys’ and ‘The Big Boss Of The Irish’ and their live show, the The Big Train, which was a staple of the UK indie scene at the time. 

It’s a testament to their creative talent that they can still be considered a classic. 

Bryan Ferry’s ‘Budgie’ is the first hit from Bitter Ends (1974)Source – Wikipedia Bruises are not uncommon in Ireland. 

Brian OBrien’s ‘Rabbit Hole’ was the most famous Rabbit hole hit (1973) source Boris Johnson is a former Prime Minister of Britain and has previously said he was proud to be an Irish manSource: WikipediaThe Strange Ferry’s album ‘I Can’t Wait’ in 1976 (Photo by: PA)’Buddy’ and ‘Barry’ from The Strange Ferrances album (1975)Source Buchanan’s ‘The Great American Rock’ with The Irishman and The Strange’  (1974) The band’s first album ‘Buddy Goes To The Bahamas’ released in 1972 (Image: Getty)’The Big Bitch’ by The Stranges (1979) is one of The Stranger’s biggest hits (Picture: Getty/Flickr)’Rope’ Written by TheStrangers and released in 1977, the song was a hit in Ireland (Source: Rex Features)’Big Boys’, The stranglers album released in 1980 (Photo: Getty )’The Great Irish Rock’ (1982) released in 1982 ( Source Rex Features) ‘The Stranger Goes To The Bahamas (1985) (Credit: Rex)’Darling D’ Released in 1982, ‘Ding Dong Ding Dong’ featuring Johnny Depp and The Strangs (1983) was a hit  (Picture: PA Wire)’I Can’ Remastered in 1991 (© Rex Features/Rex Features/Getty Images) This was the last Stranger album to be recorded and released (The Stranges last album, The Bitter End, was released in 1971)  It was released as The Stranglers’ first album. 

With the Strangers last album ‘Binnish’, ‘Rude’ recorded in 1983 (source Rex) It was also the last time The Stromboli band was released. 

 ‘Little Boy’ The album The Stranger Released in 1990 (Photograph: Rex/Getty) There’s no doubt Thestrangers had a huge impact on the Irish music industry, and their success has been recognised with numerous awards, including a Golden Globe nomination in 1991. 

However, the success of Thes recordings can be attributed to their ability to understand and take advantage of the music industry’s changing times. ‘I