The Simpsons has its own crossword puzzle

The Simpsons creator Matt Groening recently spoke with UK media outlet The Guardian about his creation, a new crossword for the network.

Groening, who also created The Adventures of Pete & Pete, said the puzzle, which he describes as a “joke” and a “bizarre puzzle,” was inspired by the Simpsons’ crossword puzzles.

“It’s a joke that’s kind of like, ‘what if there were a crossword that had the meaning of ‘green fodder machine?’,” Groening said.

“But instead of the word ‘green,’ there’s a word that has a picture of a machine that makes green fodder, like a green garbage can.”

The Simpsons, a hit animated series that debuted in 1987, has been a hit in Britain since its inception in 1996.

It has spawned numerous spinoffs and spinoffs of the same series.

Groens, who died in 2016, is best known for creating the Emmy-winning animated show, The Simpsons.