The corn-eating, soy-eating and grain-producing countries are getting along — in a corn-and-soy-loving way

Politico title Two nations are getting together in a common purpose: To eat less food and have a greater variety of crops, writes The Economist article Politico headline China, India and India are getting on — in food terms at least — with each other article Politico quote “I can tell you it is a very important development,” says a senior Indian official.

“India is getting on with a lot of the other Asian countries,” says the official.

India’s new agriculture minister is a former official of China’s State Council, where he helped oversee the country’s vast agribusiness industry, and the two nations have worked out a number of deals to improve their trade.

India and China are currently in talks to open an agricultural market in each other’s countries, as the two countries look to build on the existing market.