NFL, NFLPA discuss $1 billion settlement of antitrust lawsuit

AUSTIN, Texas — The NFL, the NFLPA and several other professional sports leagues and organizations will announce a $1.1 billion payment to settle a $2.6 billion antitrust lawsuit, the league announced Monday.

The settlement is a big win for the league, and the players, who were not immediately available for comment.

It includes $900 million to help pay for research and development of new technologies and products.

The NFL has been accused of colluding with television networks to stifle its competitors’ access to the market.

The antitrust case, which began more than two years ago, stems from an antitrust investigation into the league’s TV rights and fees, which were among the most lucrative in the NFL’s history.

It was brought by five companies, including NBC Universal and Fox Networks Group, which are known for their cable and satellite television rights.

The players’ union argued the leagues were abusing its antitrust power by pressuring networks to pay them more than their rivals.

The court ruled last year that the NFL was in violation of antitrust laws.