Italy to buy fodder maize for €6m from Poland

LANCASTER, Italy — Italy will buy maize for an additional €6 million from Poland, which has a high maize output, the Italian Ministry of Agriculture said Wednesday.

Italy is the second country in Europe to purchase maize from Poland after Hungary, and the government hopes to buy up to 20 million tonnes in the next two years, Agriculture Minister Federico Lombardi said in a press conference.

Italy also has been looking at possible sales of other agricultural commodities such as oil, but this project has been put on hold, Lombardi added.

“The Ministry of Agricultural Resources will have to assess the economic viability of the purchase in light of the current market conditions,” Lombardi told reporters in Rome.

The ministry is also looking at selling a significant portion of the Italian grain to neighboring Poland, he said.

Italy’s crop-raising season kicks off in mid-March, which is when many farmers will harvest their maize and wheat.

The country’s agricultural output has been steadily rising in recent years, from around 7.5 million tonnes last year to more than 8 million tonnes this year.

The government has not specified when it expects the purchase to begin, but Lombardi noted that this would be during the wheat harvest.