Indian newspapers to start publishing fodder sales: Times of India

A report in The Times of Ireland says that the Government is planning to launch an initiative to publish fodder sales statistics across the country.

The report says that India’s newspapers have traditionally been one of the biggest sources of fodder for farmers.

The Government has been talking to a number of private players and is currently in talks with three publishers who have agreed to produce the data.

The Times has also reported that the government will provide an incentive for newspapers to keep the data and that it would also be made available on the website of the Government.

The Times says that it will publish the data in its print edition.

The data will be used to assess whether the sale of fodder is an efficient use of scarce land and whether farmers can generate revenue from it.

This data will also be used by the Government to determine whether it should be allowed to sell fodder to the public.

The data will allow farmers to track how much fodder is being sold and which farmers are getting the most.

This will help the Government assess how much more land is needed for food production, the report says.