How to take a fable and make it true

The following is a very basic fable, which you will probably find quite funny. 

It’s meant to be very simple and to be entertaining.

It’s meant for kids, and is intended to be funny and easy to read. 

A fable is a story or an idea that describes an event or situation, but is not based on fact or even factually correct. 

This fable has been copied verbatim from Wikipedia. 

If you’re familiar with the Wikipedia article on fables, then this is the exact same fable. 

There are many fables that are written to entertain or educate.

Fables can be fiction, poetry, or even stories that have a real-life story behind them. 

Fables can even be satirical. 

For example, you might have a story about a man who had a dream where he was told he had to kill his wife and children to get to heaven. 

However, he had a secret, which he kept from his wife. 

In this fable he was sent to a land of dragons, where he had two choices: Either kill his wives and children, or die. 

He chose the latter, and then his wife took him away to die.

In the end, he was found and his wife returned to him, who had no regrets.

He then killed himself.