How to Make Your Own Food for Meat and Fodder

I have a few basic requirements: 1.

I want to make fresh fodder.


I don’t want to buy meat, but I want fresh fodder for meat.


I also don’t need to pay for fresh fodder, but if I buy fresh fodder from the feed store, I’m not allowed to feed the animals.


The fodder has to be pure and free of any pesticides or antibiotics.

So here are my basic requirements for my kitchen fodder machine: -A good old fashioned stove. 

I am going to make a new one, so I don´t have to go through the hassle of making a brand new one- but it should still be capable of making food. 

-A water bath. 

This is what you need to keep the water running through your machine, so you don’t have to wash your dishes every time you go to the feedstore. 

(For the sake of my machine, I am going with a water bath and not a separate sink.) 

-An old-fashioned mixing bowl. 

For the purposes of this article, I will be using a very old-style mixer.

This is a bowl that you used to mix the powdered sugar.

(Remember to get a little extra of this stuff. 

 I used two tablespoons of sugar per bowl.) 

I will be adding this new bowl to my machine.

It will be a nice, round bowl.

-Two buckets of water. 

These buckets are to help with water distribution, and I want this water to come from a large water tank. 

There are many ways to get water from a well, but you can use the following method to get the water to the pump: Water from a bucket, well, or cistern.

If you want to keep your water tank clean, I suggest using a small bottle of water that can be used for cleaning the kitchen sink.

(It will make things easier on your hands.) 

(If you are using a pump, you will want to purchase a pump for the purpose of water distribution.) 

You will want a pump that can handle at least six gallons of water per hour. 

The pump you buy will also have to have an attachment that can attach to the bottom of the bucket. 

Here are some basic instructions for a pump: 1.

The pump needs to be able to operate on a continuous loop. 

If you don´te have a continuous pump, try to find one that can run continuously for 30 minutes at a time. 


The water tank needs to have a minimum depth of 12 inches. 

It should be at least 8 inches deep. 


A pump attachment that you can attach is a very important item. 

Attach the pump to the top of the pump. 

A simple water bottle is best for this.

(You will need this for a while, so be sure you have it.) 


You need to have at least two pumps attached to the water tank for the same purpose. 

You can buy pumps for a very reasonable price. 


The pumps will need to be capable, and have an ability to be turned on and off. 

Once the water is running through the pump, turn it off.

(This will help keep the feedstock in the water.) 


It should have a capacity of six gallons per hour, and should have an average speed of three gallons per minute. 


You will need a pump attachment. 


You should have two pumps and a pump system. 


In addition to having a pump attached to a bucket or a well for water, you also need a water tank, a pump adapter, and a water supply. 

All of this can be purchased at the feedstores. 

To do this, you can either buy the pump and pump attachment, or buy the water supply adapter. 

Each of these items will cost you about $1-$2 per month. 

And that is it!

If I made a lot of money, I would be able buy a large, heavy water tank and pump for my machine to make water for my feedstock. 

However, it is very expensive to build a machine to handle so much water.

I don’t know about you, but for most people, that will cost me more than $100 a month.

Therefore, I have decided to use this machine as a way to keep food in my house.

When I bought this machine, my first thought was, “How do I make enough food to feed my family? 

I have about eight children, and we are looking for a steady source of fresh food to provide for the children.” 

But it quickly dawned on me that there are a lot more things I could do with my machine that would not require me to buy a