How the CS:GO playoffs unfolded and who’s been eliminated

In the last two weeks, CS:go fans have seen a steady stream of matches unfold on the map Cobblestone.

Over the course of those games, the top players have battled it out for the top spot in the tournament, but there’s one team that has emerged victorious from the entire run-up to the playoffs.

Here are the teams that won their way into the playoffs:G2 Esports won the ELEAGUE Season 1 finals in May and will be making their return to the ESL Pro League for the ELEGUE Pro League Finals.

The team that made the finals last year, G2 Esports, made it all the way to the finals of the Season 1 playoffs in March, but they fell short against Astralis and Fnatic in the playoffs of Season 2.

Their win over Fnatic in both the playoffs and the grand final was their third major victory of the season.

Their recent results are very impressive, but it’s not all doom and gloom for the team.

After finishing the season with an eight-win record and qualifying for the ESL One Cologne finals, G3 will be looking to get their revenge.

On May 25, the team that defeated Fnatic in two maps in the grand finals of ESL One was playing G2.

After their victory, the players congratulated each other on their victory and congratulated their team for winning the playoffs so easily.

The players are still talking about their victory in the finals, saying that they were “a little bit nervous, but we did it.”

G3 are hoping to return to winning ways this year, so they’ll be looking forward to playing in the ESL World Championship in September.

The ELEAGue Season 1 winner was SK Gaming, who won the grand Finals with a 3-1 scoreline and qualified for the playoffs by beating Team Liquid in the semi-finals.

SK Gaming won the first round, but after beating the team with a 1-1 set in the semifinals, the series was replayed, and SK Gaming took the first game 1-0.

In the grand finale, the teams played in the quarterfinals, and the winner went on to face the winner of the quarterfinal match.

In that match, SK Gaming beat Liquid 3-2 to win the ELEague Season 2 championship.

This season, SK has only been one match away from the grand semifinals.

This team has had some ups and downs this year.

They qualified for ELEAGES Season 2 with a 5-2 record and reached the playoffs in the second round, only to lose to Fnatic.

But despite their success in the ELEB Arena, the squad has been on a slump this year and has struggled to get any results against the teams they’ve faced.

This year, they had a 3.13 rating in the last five games, but that number dropped to 2.71 in the final three games.

With their recent success, it is a little hard to see them going any higher, but SK is certainly one team you can expect to see more of in the upcoming weeks.

Team EnVyUs are the team of the year in ELEAGes Season 2, but the team has not been able to get anywhere near the success they were able to achieve in the first season.

They’ve only qualified for ESL One and played two matches each in the group stage and the semi finals.

The team has been in a slump of late, but this year they’re still showing signs of life, with a record of 11-8 overall.

This is good news for EnVYUs, as they’ll likely be looking for a long-term turnaround for their fortunes.

The ESEA Season 11 champions won the season in a dominant fashion, qualifying for ELEB with a 9-2 overall record.

The ESEA Pro League finals were played at ESL One, and EnVyr won the second game 1–0, with the second best score in the series, which is the highest in ELEB history.

They’ll be hoping to get back on track this season, as the team will be playing in ELEGUES Season 2 for the first time, and they’ll have a tough time getting past the competition they faced in the third place game.

In the grandfinals of ELEAGUES, the winners were Team EnVys.

This was the first major win for Envy since the second ELEAGUES season in 2017.

Envy had a record 8-5 overall and 5-3 in the ESEA Premier League, so the team looked to be in good shape going into ELEAGUs.

However, their performance was not the same as in ELEBRES, as Envy lost the first two maps to Fnatic and Astralis.

After that, they lost the remaining two maps against Liquid and Team Liquid again.

In both the grand and semi-final, the ECS team showed some big flashes of brilliance.

After beating Fnatic, the winning streak was snapped with a 2-1 loss to Team Liquid, which