Hockey Stars have ‘hydrogreens’ for sore throats

The New York Rangers and Dallas Stars have teamed up to make hockey players wear hydrogreens on their feet and ankles for their sore throats.

The new partnership is called the “Fodder Overwatch” project.

According to, the goal of the project is to “help reduce the incidence of the virus.”

In an interview with the website, Dallas Stars coach Lindy Ruff said he thought the goal was important to keep players hydrated during games.

“It gives us a little bit of a cushion to be able to keep our heads down and our feet moving around the ice,” Ruff said.

“So when you’re out there on the ice, you’re not sweating, you don’t feel like you’re getting sick.”

It also allows players to “stay in tune” on how their feet feel, Ruff said, “which is a great thing.”

The project is only being rolled out in the United States at the moment, but Ruff has said he expects it to expand across the world.

“This is a way to really provide some health care, a way for players to really keep their feet hydrated,” Ruff told the website.

“I’m glad they are doing it because I think it helps players to keep their bodies hydrated.

We’ve seen this in sports over the years, especially in football, when guys have their ankles taped and they’re not allowed to walk around the field.”

It’s not just hockey players who have to wear hydrocodone for their headaches, however.

In Australia, football players are also encouraged to wear Hydrogreen hydrocone pads for their head and neck pain.