Hillary Clinton and Biden have a chance to ‘put their finger on something’ in first debate

The first Democratic presidential debate will be held Sept. 26 at the University of Nevada Las Vegas, and both candidates are making a push to engage with young voters.

| Getty Democratic presidential candidates Hillary Clinton (L) and Joe Biden (R) address the audience during a debate in Las Vegas on Aug. 21, 2016.

| AP Photo Biden’s campaign is also looking to tap millennials as the group most likely to vote in 2020.

Biden told NBC News on Sunday that the DNC should focus on the millennials as they make up a critical bloc of the 2020 Democratic electorate.

“I think the DNC has to really start to get to the heart of that.

And what we have to do is be willing to take on the big players and the big corporations,” Biden said.

“We have to be willing, I think, to talk about a new set of issues that are important to young people.”

Biden said the DNC’s role was to get millennials involved in the political process, and they should be encouraged to run for office.

“And the Democratic Party has to do more than just say ‘Hey, you can run for Congress, you should run for president,'” Biden said on Meet the Press.

“It has to be, ‘Hey you can get involved in politics.

You can be involved in local politics, state politics, federal politics, in the Supreme Court, in Congress.

It’s up to you.'”

The Democratic presidential race is heating up.

Democrats hope to win the White House, but they are still struggling to build a coalition of younger voters who are more progressive than their elders.

Democrats are also hoping to gain ground with women and minorities in the 2020 elections, as they look to appeal to a larger share of voters who do not identify as white or male.

“The Democrats need to take a long look at where the demographic of millennials are, and what that means for the future of our party,” Biden told The Hill.

“Young people are going to be the new base for the Democrats in 2020, and we need to embrace that.”

Biden’s running mate, Tim Kaine, also took a shot at the Republicans during his first presidential debate.

Kaine, who is running for the vice presidency, argued that Republicans would not be able to defeat him if he were to become president.

“Donald Trump is going to get into office and run for the highest office in the land and beat anybody in the Republican field,” Kaine said.

Biden said Democrats would have to find ways to win over women voters if they want to win a majority in 2020 and a second term in office.

Biden was not alone in his call to broaden the appeal of the Democratic party.

Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz, a former Maryland governor, also said that Democrats needed to do a better job of connecting with young people, particularly with women.

“This generation is going in for a radical change, and a radical transformation in our country,” Wasserman Schultz said in an interview with ABC’s “This Week.”

“They are going out of their comfort zones.

They are going on the streets.

They’re looking for a better way to get involved.

And they’re going to come home.”

Democrats are hoping to capitalize on the growing interest among millennials and young voters in the 2016 election, and the DNC is stepping up its efforts to get them involved.

“Democrats are looking to engage young voters as they have for decades,” Biden campaign spokesman Jake Sullivan said.

He also said the Biden campaign would be working to get more millennials to the polls.

“In 2016, the party engaged and energized millions of Americans who didn’t vote for Democrats and who are excited about the choices we have on the ballot,” Sullivan said in a statement.

“Today, more than ever, we need Democrats to reach more voters across America.”