Green, red and white pellets for the chicken fodder

If you want to get a kick out of chicken fodder, you can also make green and red pellets from it, as well as a few other varieties of green and white pellet.

There are many different ways to make pellets from green and green pellet, but the most common is to mix the pellets in a bowl, add water, and add the pellets to water.

You can also mix in the pellets directly with water, but you will get a much better result.

Here’s how to make green pellets.

To make pellets, you will need two different types of pellets.

One type of pellets contains a mixture of water, salt and spices.

It is used to make the green and blue pellets.

The other type of pellet contains a mix of the two.

The green pellets contain a mixture made of water and spices, while the blue pellets contain the same mixture as the white pellets.

These pellets are used to create the pellets that you see in the above recipe.

The ingredients for green pellets are a mix that contains water, sugar, salt, and spices:This mix of ingredients contains a lot of water.

In fact, the ingredients list for the pellets can be quite long.

However, once you mix them in the bowl, you get a mixture that is fairly similar to the pellets you see above.

This is because the ingredients are mixed in such a way that they mix together in a liquid state.

This mixture of ingredients creates a fluid that is able to separate into two different liquids.

One of these liquids is the liquid that is used in the green pellets and the other is the water that is the other type that is added to the blue pellet pellets.

The mixture of liquids created by mixing the two pellets creates a pellet that contains a small amount of both.

It’s important to note that this liquid can’t be added to a white pellets.

However you can add the water, which is added in the second step of the process, to make white pellets with the water and spice mixture.

You can make green, red, and white food pellets at home by adding the ingredients in the order they are listed.

If you add more than one ingredient to the recipe, it will add to the total weight of the pellet and therefore the number of pellets you make.

You’ll also need to add water to make both types of green pellets, as the water makes the pellets lighter.

The above green pellets will make a very large amount of pellets, which you can then add to your kitchen.

You will also need some ingredients to make a green pellets soup, and you can use them in a number of different recipes.

You could also make pellets by mixing them into soup and making the soup from them.

To make green soup, you would need green, blue, and red pellet ingredients in a small bowl.

To use green pellets in green soup at home, you could add green, green, and blue pellets to a large soup pot and cook for five minutes.

You could then add green pellets to the soup pot as the pellets are cooked and the soup is served.