‘Effortless’ Trump wins Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, Nevada

The Trump campaign is spending hundreds of millions of dollars in the first three states of Iowa, South Dakota and Nevada.

And the money is going into TV and radio advertising.

Here’s what you need to know about the latest, latest and best advertising buys.1.

Iowa is a big win for Trump: The GOP frontrunner is leading in Iowa by more than 20 points, according to a Quinnipiac University poll.

Trump is up by 16 points in Nevada.

But in New Hampshire and South Carolina Trump trails Hillary Clinton by 20 points.

The GOP front-runner has won in each state by double digits.

The Real Clear Politics average of recent polls shows him with a 9.8-point lead.2.

Trump gets support from the tea party: Trump’s political base is overwhelmingly Tea Party, and he has a strong relationship with some of them.

The Tea Party has endorsed Trump in all three of the recent Iowa caucuses, and it is sending more than $100 million to the campaign in support of him.3.

Trump’s lead in New Mexico is shrinking: Trump is trailing Clinton by more as he continues to expand his lead in the race for the state, which was the first of the primary season to be decided by the margins.

In March, the Real Clear Elections average of polls showed Clinton with a 17-point advantage.

Trump now leads by 2 points.4.

Trump wins Nevada: The latest Real Clear Political average of polling shows Trump leading Clinton by 10 points, 51% to 39%.

The state, where Clinton won her state’s caucuses in 2008, is expected to be a very close contest, and the RealClear Politics average shows Trump up by 9 points.5.

Trump leads in South Carolina: The RealClearPolitics average of the latest polls shows Trump with a 10-point edge over Clinton.

He has won by double-digits in South Carolinas in the past three polls.

The state is expected soon to be one of the first battleground states.6.

Trump also gets support in Florida: Trump leads Florida by more in recent polls, although it is hard to see a clear picture yet.

Trump has been beating Clinton in the Sunshine State by double figures in the last three polls, with Trump up 6 points since March.

He now leads the former secretary of state by 6 points.7.

Trump takes home the nomination in South Dakota: The Republican nominee is ahead of Clinton in South Dakotas, where he is on top of the polls by 8 points.

Trump still trails Clinton by 3 points.8.

Trump continues to lead in Nevada: Trump has led in the state by 15 points since April, when he led by 9.6 points.

He is now leading by a wide margin.9.

Trump trails in the Granite State: Trump trails Clinton in New York by 13 points in recent Real ClearPolitics polling, but the Realclearpolitics average shows Clinton with the lead by 2.9 points.10.

Trump finishes second in Nevada, leading Clinton 46% to 38%.

The latest RealClear Political average shows him leading by 4 points.11.

Trump closes the month with big wins in Pennsylvania and Michigan: Trump continues his dominance in Pennsylvania, where the race is neck and neck with Clinton, but he trails her by 6.7 points.

In Michigan, Trump trails by 6 percentage points.12.

Trump holds a narrow edge in the Midwest: Trump keeps winning in Iowa, where voters are evenly split between him and Clinton.

Trump maintains a slight lead over Clinton in Michigan, where she is up 9 points, and she leads Trump by 9 in Wisconsin, where Trump is down 2 points over her.13.

Trump narrowly wins in Ohio: Ohio is the first swing state of the general election, but Ohio is still too close to call, and there are still several polls that show Trump trailing Clinton.14.

The latest poll from Real Clear Shows shows Trump ahead of Romney in Florida and ahead of Biden in Ohio.15.

Trump narrows his lead over Romney in Iowa: Trump holds an 8-point race in Iowa.16.

Trump keeps the momentum going: Trump was up 5 points in the RealclearPolitics average in the early stages of the Iowa caucuses.

The race now appears very close, with both candidates losing ground.