‘Dairy cattle, grass fodder and fodder coon’

Dairying is an important part of Australia’s economy, with the country’s dairy sector accounting for more than half of the countrys exports.

But the country also has a history of dairy farming and cattle farming, and in recent years, it has been a source of concern for some people in the dairy industry.

The issue of livestock feedlots and feedlady issues have also been an issue.

The Australian Dairy Industry Federation (ADFI) has issued a statement on the issue in recent weeks.ADFI president Paul Gidley said the situation in Australia’s dairy industry was very complicated, and there was no simple answer to the problem.

“We have a large and diverse industry in Australia, we have a great system of dairy feedlot management and we have an efficient system of milk and dairy feedlot management,” Mr Gidler said.

“But I think there are three main issues that are being talked about in the media, and the most important one is what happens to the dairy cows in the feedlott when they leave the feedlot.”

Mr Gidly said while there were a number of factors contributing to the situation, there was a lack of consistency in the rules and regulations.

“There are a lot of different regulations that apply to dairy feeders across Australia, and that is why it’s important that we understand the requirements that are applicable,” he said.

Mr Gadler said the ADFI had received a number on recent reports about dairy cattle being taken from feedlotted cattle farms, and feedlot problems being linked to cattle being moved into feedlotta farms.

“I would say that that is the tip of the iceberg,” he noted.

“Some feedlota companies have had to make significant changes, but in general there is no regulation that applies to cattle that is used to provide milk to dairy cows.”

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