Cannon fodder remake remakes to be announced, but not in 2018

Cannon fodder remakes are coming to Nintendo Switch, but it may not be as well received as the original game, according to The Next Word.

The game was originally announced back in March, and it has since been remastered for Switch.

It will be remastered to support the Switch’s motion-control feature, as well as the addition of new levels and enemies.

The game will be playable at E3 2017, but the publisher is not yet revealing when it will be available for purchase.

“The game is currently under development, and we’re still finalizing our roadmap and plans,” The Next Website’s Brian Johnson told Polygon.

“We’re hoping to release the game at some point in 2018, but we’re not quite ready to announce it just yet.”

This is one of the most popular franchises in the world, so the timing couldn’t be better to bring it to Nintendo’s new console.

We’re excited to see what players do with the new game.

“The next-gen system has the ability to launch multiple games in one sitting, but Nintendo hasn’t officially announced any games that will be on that system.