Can you farm a vet?

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Tuesday voted to approve a new class of antibiotics for veterinarians, making them the first veterinarians in nearly two decades to be approved for use against bacterial infections in animals.

The class of drugs, called TNF-α inhibitors, was designed to fight a broad range of infections and are expected to be licensed by the end of the year.

The drugs are designed to reduce the levels of certain proteins that can cause certain kinds of infections.

They’re also designed to slow the growth of some bacteria and protect against infections caused by other pathogens.

The FDA has been looking at the TNF inhibitors since the end-of-life for the drugs, but has yet to approve them as a class.

FDA spokeswoman Andrea Lafferty said the agency has approved two other classes of TNF blockers.

She added that the agency expects to approve the first class, which includes the new class, within weeks.

In the meantime, veterinarians will have to choose whether to buy a few of the newer classes.

Lafferter said the FDA expects to begin making drug orders in the coming months.

While the TNG class is not approved by the FDA for use in animals, the FDA approved a second class of the drugs last year.

The FDA said it was approving this second class because of the low side effects it could have on humans.